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Leprechaun 4: In Space - 1996

Leprechaun 4: In Space - 1996

Director(s): Brian Trenchard-Smith

Writer(s): Dennis A. Pratt (screenplay) / Mark Jones (characters)

Cinematography by: Larry Blanford

Editor(s): Josh Crockett  

Cast: Warwick Davis, Jessica Collins, Guy Siner, Gary Grossman, Rebecca Carlton and Miguel A. Núñez Jr.

Synopsis: Our deadly leprechaun is in space to woo a beautiful princess who is impressed with his gold and desires to separate him from it (IMDB).


This movie opens with Marines prepping for a mission. Marines in space. So, Space Marines. Their commander had a tragic accident where he had chewing gum, I like to think it was Bazooka Joe brand, stuck in his hair and I guess someone told him that the only way to get out bubble gum is with a metal plate. Unfortunately, the plate got stuck to his head. One of the side effects is that every single word that comes out of his mouth is loud and sexist. Always read the side effects of Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum kids (not a sponsor). They are tasked with hunting down our titular Leprechaun who has kidnapped an alien princess. How do we know she is alien? Well, she has glitter on her face and she is in a bikini. Rumor is all the strippers in Florida are actual aliens slowly invading our society. You have been warned.


Quick note: the team works for the first ever Stardust App user, a European-type scientist that barks his orders through the screen at an extremely unflattering angle. But, this is the best performance I have ever seen in ANY of the movies within this category.

They land on a planet that can be easily mistaken for Ultrazone Lazer Tag Arena in Los Angeles to the untrained eye – but in reality, it’s Lazer Quest. Great place, currently has a solid deal on Groupon. Check them out and tell them YIlovemovies sent you. Ask for Justin. The team ambushes the Leprechaun and he kills one using a lightsaber. Yes, it’s fact that this movie is considered canon in the new Disney Star Wars universe. They kill him with a grenade and one pees on his severed foot, which allows him to magically fly up the stream, up his penis into his body. Yeah, there is a lot in that sentence but we need to move forward here.

Quick note: Warwick Davis has bills to pay.

Once we are back on the ship the Marines, Space Marines, are celebrating their victory in the… club section of the ship. It’s equipped with bar, tables, a dance floor and a disco ball even though there are barely ten humans on the ship. The guy that peed on the Leprechaun is doing some hanky-panky with the lady Marine and his penis starts to hurt. It is hurting because THE LEPRECHAUN IS COMING OUT OF HIS PENIS. The lady marine runs away and the Leprechaun, who I should point out is wonderfully acted by Warwick Davis, delivers a monologue to himself. He is acting as if he didn’t just come out of a penis. Completely clean by the way. No blood or penis meat. Sorry I used the phrase penis meat. Now twice. Let’s move on please.

Quick note: Leprechaun has high arching eyebrows. Comically high. But the female scientist also has high arching eyebrows, My theory is that they are related and she is a mole. Let us see if this is accurate. I should do a film theory video.

Oh, I forgot to mention that they brought on board the glitter alien princess and they discover – through very creepy antics of a lab assistant – that she has advance healing powers and she can regrow limbs. The Leprechaun wants his princess back because he has plans to overthrow her father and take over the kingdom. Why? Because. The European Stardust App user doesn’t want to give him the princess because he needs her to regrow his body. Oh yeah, plot twist he doesn’t have a body he is a head, a neck, two shoulders, half a chest (no nipples), one arm and a Zamboni-body. He gets so mad that he punches his Zamboni-body and almost dies. He threatens the Marines, Space Marines, into killing the Leprechaun and the movie continues.


Quick note: The Marines, Space Marines, split-up to search the spaceship haunting by the penis killer. Despite this monster killing their friends, the female scientist is flirting with the 1980’s action star’s stunt double, proving my point that she is a mole and she is just trying to distract the only man that can stop her father.

We fast forward a bit and a lot of the Marines, Space Marines, have died and the Leprechaun makes it all the way to the lab. He rings the bell and the creepy assistant answers the video doorbell. What does he see? The Leprechaun posing as the naked female scientist – coincidence? He could’ve chosen any form, but he chose the form of the mole. My theory video is shaping up nicely. The European Stardust Zamboni engages in a battle of wits with the Leprechaun trading barbs like it’s the last rap battle of 8 Mile. Sadly, the Leprechaun wins and the Zamboni has a mixture of the glitter princess blood and some bugs injected into his brain. The Marines, Space Marines, arrive and a shootout occurs, the princess flashes her boobs (alien custom signaling death… sure) and the Leprechaun escapes with the Bubble Gum commander by magically strapping bombs to him. And later he turns him into a woman or a drag queen – it’s not made clear - and he attacks his team.

I’m… moving along.

Alright the team once again splits up, because splitting up has worked wonders so far. We have token black dude going solo to the command center trying to stop the countdown of self-destruction and he encounters the Zamboni that is now a mutant spider-scorpion monster. Cool. Female scientist and 1980’s action start’s stunt double – this time for no reason shirtless – go to face the Leprechaun. The female scientist “by mistake” shoots the Leprechaun with a laser that makes him grow huge. I mean, she is being way too obvious at this point that she is working with him and she is his daughter. What we get is Warwick Davis walking around in a miniature set acting like his huge. And my god does he deserve that moment of glory in where people are looking up at him. He is acting his tiny heart out in every scene. You go Warwick, you are amazing.  

Female scientist freezes and explodes Zamboni Spiderman. She opens the air ducks and HUGE Warwick Davis is sucked out in to outer space and he dies… wait. Why would she do that to her dad? What about my theory video? What about her eyebrows? No really, how else would you explain her eyebrows… The movie ends with a floating hand giving the finger to the survivors; token black man, shirtless 1980’s action star’s stunt double and female scientist. I mean. The end I guess. European Zamboni-body is why I love movies.


Leprechaun 4: In Space is currently streaming on Prime. It’s worth your time.

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