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Baby Driver - 2017

Baby Driver - 2017

Baby Driver is the long-awaited return of writer-director Edgar Wright, with his last movie being 2013’s The World’s End. While many of you know we weren’t supposed to have waited this long (Ant-Man), at the end it doesn’t matter because he is finally back. This movie has a great, star-studded cast, boasting names like Kevin Spacey, Jon Hamm, John Bernthal, Jamie Foxx, Lily James, and Ansel Elgort as the lead Baby. The story is simple and is a variation of what we have seen before, getaway driver in too deep, but it’s the execution that sets it many miles apart (I promise to keep the car puns at a minimum).

I just made a review for one of my favorite Edgar Wright movies in Hot Fuzz (self-promo), in which I praise his eye for action. This movie takes everything he has learned and puts it on another level. Yes, some may say that the car chase scenes aren’t nothing we have seen before, but like I said above, it’s how he executed them. There wasn’t a single moment that I lost my bearings as to where the action was and where it was going. Wright kept a frantic paste, while still giving the audience enough focus to understand what is happening. There are quite a few car chases in this movie, as one would expect with the title, but the one that stands out in my head is the opening car chase sequence. I have always been a Subaru aficionado, and seeing a professional stunt driver just drifting and shifting his way through traffic on a huge screen was beyond satisfying.


Wright has stated in many interviews that the idea for this movie came to him while listening to music. He imagined a getaway driver listening to the same music as he escaped a heist job. This movie is 100% driven (second one, sorry) by the music. Almost every step, gun shot, hand gesture and car acceleration is synced to the music playing. It was almost like watching a musical, without the character singing. The way the characters talked and walked is as if they all were aware of the music and the need to stay in rhythm with it. Wright has done this type of sync before - Shaun of the Dead’s pub fight is a great example - but an entire movie is just impressive. Side note, this is one of the best soundtracks in recent memory, maybe even better than the first Guardians of the Galaxy.

Honestly, the attention to detail Wright put into this movie is mind-boggling. I have edited a few videos in my lifetime and I can’t fathom how long and how tedious this editing must have been for him and his team (Jonathan Amos and Paul Machliss).

The acting was solid all the way around - nothing jumped out at me as overly bad. John Bernthal and Kevin Spacey played themselves again, but they are so good at it that it didn’t bother me. It took me a few minutes to buy into Ansel Elgort’s personality but once I was sold I was hooked and Jon Hamm was perfect and I would like to see him tackle more character of this nature. I want to single out Lily James as Debora. Her smile and persona was so infectious and believable that it made me want to smile every time she did. The only one I wasn’t completely sold on was Jamie Foxx. I didn’t believe he was “unhinged” as his character constantly professed, but like I said above it wasn’t something that took me out of the movie.

Baby Driver is not a perfect movie and it comes with flaws. Some of the dialogue, especially from Spacey, is a little exposition heavy. The story is not something new and you knew where it was going, but how we got there was refreshing and unexpected. I didn’t like that everybody in the world was so obsessed with Baby’s use of headphones given the fact that I’m always wearing mine and nobody cares. But at this point I’m just nitpicking.

Baby Driver is an action packed, funny movie that has a lot of heart thanks to the romance and the father figure of the Baby. The car chase and shoot out scenes are some of the best in recent memory as they are elevated by the music. There are many scenes completely stuck in my head and I can’t wait to watch this movie again. This movie is the definition of FUN and it’s honestly a moviegoing experience. Edgar Wright is why I love movies.

Baby Driver is currently playing in theaters. This movie is a Hit and Run… wait no that’s bad. If you don’t see this movie you clearly have a Blind Spot… that’s somehow worst. They have a license to kill at the box office… Just watch it.

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