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Transformers: The Last Knight - 2017

Transformers: The Last Knight - 2017

Transformers: The Last Knight marks the fifth installment in the Michael Bay’s Hasbro Universe. It may say “last” in the title but this is far from over. Written by a small committee of six people, with the biggest name among them being Art Marcum (08’s Iron Man).  The story centers around the history of the Transformers on Earth and how the past can save our future. Or something like that. I think I sold this movie better than they did.

I’ll be honest up front: I haven’t enjoyed a Transformers movie since the original, so, I wasn’t looking forward to this movie going experience. I decided to give this movie the fair chance it deserved. I looked for the biggest screen with the loudest sound system and I bought the biggest tub of popcorn. It may surprise you, but I actually ended up really enjoying my popcorn.

Michael Bay has an incredible eye for action, he really does, but someone needs to tell him to tone it down. Every set piece had slow motion explosions that made the audience jaded at the spectacle since they were being served the same “excitement” over and over again. Bay also doesn’t trust that his audience wants to listen to a normal conversation. Every single shot has movement in it. Either the camera is panning to the left or spinning around a conversation or the characters are running or in a fire fight.

The movie opens up in England during the dark ages. How do I know that? Because Bay will let you know of every single location and year we will stumble upon in this journey, and there are a lot. I mean, I thank him for letting me know it was the Dark Age because for a second I thought it was a high end Medieval Fair. This quickly turns into a Monty Python sketch, having a drunk bumbling Merlin, played by a check cashing Stanley Tucci, negotiating with a Transformer. This is one of the biggest problems with this film - the forced comedic element. There are multiple scenes in where the “jokes” just made me cringe.

Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Hopkins are solid in this movie, given what they had to play with. Hopkins is a legend in this industry and gives anything he touches some weight to it. Not saying Hopkins saved it because he also had to deliver some of the “jokes” I cringed at, just saying I enjoyed my time with him and missed him when he was gone. Laura Haddock had to play Megan Fox 2.0 and love interest of Wahlberg and at least this time around Bay picked a love story without the weird “Romeo and Juliet” clause he used in the last.

The ending of this movie honestly confused the hell out of me. At one point, somebody made out of CGI yelled “We have to get there now!” and all I could think was “where?”. I couldn’t make head or tails of what was happening. People were on a plane then they weren’t, they floated in the air and the bad guy died and the movie ended. If someone else did something else I couldn’t tell you.

Yes, Transformers: The Last Knight has some cool moments that I enjoyed. Watching Prime cutting bad guys’ heads off or Bumblebee climbing on top of bigger enemies to blow them away gave me joy. But like a comedic legend once said, “even a man in prison smiles once in a while.” Eating a huge tub of popcorn is why I love movies.

Transformers: The Last Knight is currently playing in theaters. No, it’s not more than meets the eye, just watch the original one again.

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