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The Little Hours - 2017

The Little Hours - 2017

The Little Hours is written and directed by Jeff Baena, the same mind that brought us 2004’s I heart Huckabees and 2016’s Joshy. This movie has an incredible cast and all of them have their moment to shine on screen. The cast is comprised of Alison Brie, Dave Franco, Kate Micucci, Aubrey Plaza, John C Reilly, Molly Shannon, Fred Armisen and Nick Offerman. I mean, do I need to say anymore? The story centers around a new handyman coming to work at a convent full of emotionally volatile nuns in the Middle Ages.

Director Jeff Baena stated that he wrote this script more along the lines of a guideline rather than a ridged story. He allowed his actors to live and breathe within each scene, giving them room to improvise and add to the story. While it doesn’t always work to his benefit, the hit to miss ration in his movie is on the positive side. Trusting veteran comedic actors such as Reilly, Armisen, Shannon and Offerman will always help your movie, and many of their scenes are the stand outs in my mind.

The story is pulled from “The Decameron,” which is a collection of novellas by a 14th century Italian author Giovanni Boccaccio. I find it fascinating how much of the comedic elements that made me laugh today are straight-out pulled from the source material. Having this story center around religion and shining a bright light on how flawed the human element is within the system made for a funny yet insightful movie experience.

 Writing a review for this movie is hard because all I want to do is fanboy over my favorite comedians just flat out killing it on screen. So, let me choose a couple of them and briefly talk about them and then we can close it out with a general summary of the movie.

Fred Armisen continues to be one, if not the best cameo a movie or a sitcom could have. He is barely in the movie, but he is one of the aspects I most remember about it. When John C Reilly opened the gates to his convent and Fred walked in I immediately had a huge smile on my face because I knew I was about to laugh. His scenes are very spoiler so I won’t go in too deep on them, but he has one honest line in where he looks at Reilly with so much disappointment that you can’t help to laugh.

Nick Offerman honestly played himself again, but this time around he had a funny wig on and for some reason that made everything he said 10 times funnier. He plays a high lord and almost all of his lines are him monologuing random thoughts of paranoia and I wish I can get a 2 hour movie just of his character. My favorite scenes of him are when he is telling people of the things he will do to them for crossing him. Offerman is one of the few true men in Hollywood and any threat from him is both hilarious and terrifying.

The Little Hours is far from being a perfect movie, having jokes that don’t land at all and are used on multiple occasions and story lines that don’t lead anywhere, but it’s honestly funny. I laughed way more than I expected, and when you go in to a comedy and you end up laughing your ass off, isn’t that enough? I say yes, and that’s why I love movies.

The Little Hours has a release date set for June 30th. I pray that you see it.

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