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Colossal - 2017

Colossal - 2017

Colossal is written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo, the same mind that brought us 2007’s Timecrimes, a movie that I personally loved. So, when I saw that he was the man behind this movie I was genuinely excited to watch it, and well I did. This movie boasts a solid cast with Anne Hathaway, Dan Stevens and Jason Sudeikis. The plot of the movie is a mix of sci-fi, with a monster mysteriously attacking Seoul, and a character study of a woman fighting with alcoholism. 

Shall we start with the good things? Sure.

Bear McCreary created a beautiful score throughout the movie. He was in charge of balancing the crazy tones of sci-fi elements with the down-to-earth story elements. During all the monster sequences, Bear accentuated the action, adding a level of excitement. When the story shifted to the character story elements, Bear pulled back and provided a subtle score to underline the dramatic moments of our protagonists. Side note: Bear and Nacho must be the best named duo in Hollywood.

Now let’s do a mix of good and bad things.

The unique take on the monster genre. I honestly loved how funny and quirky the monster element was, for the most part. The ending, in particular, was very original and I enjoyed it a lot. But, given the fact that they tried to marry two genres into one cohesive story, the movie suffers from consistency in tones. The movie shifts from tone to tone too abruptly, never letting the audience fully engage with the world that is presented up on screen. While I applaud the efforts of the director for trying, he simply didn’t hit the mark. Side note: it’s 2017 and I can’t believe we are still using magical light. Lighting doesn’t give powers or create monsters… it’s just not how it works.

Colossal monster.jpg

Anne Hathaway as Gloria was very funny and overall solid in her performance. I have always enjoyed her, to some extent, in all her roles. Despite me finding her solid, she did fail to effectively convey her alcoholism struggles. Sure, she shrugged or puts on a tempted face when in front of alcohol, but I never fully believed her struggle. I feel that Nacho was shooting for a character like Sarah in The Hustler and somehow ended up writing an Amy from Trainwreck.

Jason Sudeikis played himself again. I guess that can fall in this category.

Now the bad.

The character’s motivations are all over the place in this movie. Sudeikis’ character goes from being the most lovable and friendly person in the world to a complete psychopath. I felt like they cut 45 minutes out of this movie that explained his character arch from good to bad. There was no rhyme or reason to his actions; it was beyond frustrating. I was honestly enjoying myself up until this drastic shift in tone both in his character and the movie. It completely took me out of the movie to a point that I just wanted it to be over.

Colossal was an original movie that didn’t depend on any IP or on being a remake. I always look forward to new and fresh ideas up on the big screen. Sadly, the overall product just didn’t deliver as I hoped. Even though I was disappointed, I still found some joy in my experience and that’s why I love movies.

 Colossal is currently playing in theaters. You can skip this colossal disappointment… HEYYYY OOOHH!

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