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Alien: Covenant - 2017

Alien: Covenant - 2017

Alien: Covenant is the sixth installment in the Alien film series. This movie is set ten years after the events that took place in 2012’s Prometheus. Plot is simple; a colony ship with over 2,000 people on board is on a mission to a remote planet, but gets diverted to another planet by a distress call. After that, you can clearly see that hijinks ensue. Directed by Ridley Scott and written by a committee of people that watched all the Alien movies to copy paste a lot of the plot points accurately. I’ll dig in a little later in my review, but I’ll be upfront… I didn’t like this movie.

Yes, this movie is an extremely competently made movie and I can’t say it is flat-out bad. The sound design is amazing, the spaceships and the alien sounds resounded in my chest and made me pay attention. The cinematography is beautiful and it can be argued that this is one of the best-looking movies of the series. The CGI impressed me, both in the environments and in the creature design. I went into the movie expecting a subpar creature design, since the practical effects of the original Alien still hold up to this day, but I was pleasantly surprised. The Alien felt like it actually was among them and not added in post.

The acting was solid overall, being led by Michael Fassbender in his dual role as David and Walter. David is the returning robot from 2012’s Prometheus and Walter is an upgraded version of that model. There are some great scenes that solely depend on Fassbender having a conversation with himself and I was completely engaged with them. He had distinctive quirks, mannerisms and tone of voice that set them apart from each other. His performance help elevates this movie. Side note; there is a scene that will be internet GIF gold for years to come. I won’t spoil it; you will know once you see it.

Alright, so with that out of the way.

Whenever you finish watching a movie, you should be able to answer a very simple question; What was the purpose of this movie (outside of money)? This question is especially important for sequels and prequels to one of the greatest horror movies ever made. This movie had no purpose other than erasing everything Prometheus set up for this prequel trilogy. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Prometheus, but at least it tried to be something different from the original movies, and you can honestly have a debate regarding the topics and the story they put on the screen. There is nothing to talk about regarding Covenant. This movie is half erasing everything Prometheus set up and half rethread of the original Alien.

On top of this movie having nothing new to offer and not really having a purpose, it’s extremely predictable. Once you start watching it you can see every event or twist telegraphed from miles away. The characters, despite being the best “scientist” or soldiers the earth has to offer, make stupid decision after stupid decision. The only reason they make this decision is because the script says they need to do it. Outside of them ripping off all the beats from their predecessors, they also took from B movie slasher movies with the shower scene shown in the trailer.

Alien: Covenant is not a bad movie. I can see people loving this movie, it’s just not needed. I didn’t need this movie and the Alien franchise especially didn’t need it. If you are on the fence I would skip it. If you are a fan of the franchise you will at least get something out of it. Fassbender on Fassbender is why I love movies.

Alien: Covenant is currently playing in theaters. Meh.

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