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The Warriors - 1979

The Warriors - 1979

Walter Hill’s The Warriors was based on a novel of the same name and it centers around gang life in New York City. Watching this movie in 2017, it seems almost like a post-apocalyptic alternate reality, a la Mad Max or Escape from New York, but it depicted a real-life style that plagued the city for decades. This movie is focused on one gang, you may have guessed their name, and their journey to get back to their turf in one piece.

This movie is well made and entertaining. I’m not rushing to my nearest friends to recommend it (I do have friends), but I understand why it’s a cult classic, due to its topic and how it didn’t preach or condemn. There are stories of how the crew had to pay off gangs to shoot on certain locations, since this movie is mostly shot on the streets of NYC. My favorite story is how the actor got pissed on by a gang in a bridge above them, because they didn’t like the amount of money given to them. Unfortunately, the movie got a bad reputation with the mainstream audiences, due to the violence that erupted on two separate screenings. Ever since its release, The Warriors have become almost a rebel cry against the norms society has enforced on many that don’t desire to have a “normal” life.

With that out of the way let’s talk about what it’s important here: the gang’s fashion statements. I know they call them their gang’s “colors”, but how can a fedora be considered anything other than a statement. There is a boatload of gangs that make an appearance in this movie, many of them are real life gangs, others were made up for the movie. I’ll attempt to rank them for the sake of anyone of my readers that wish to join one of this 1979’s gangs. I’ll divide them in to two montages; the opening montage and the hunting of The Warriors montage.

The opening montage features the most out of the two montages. Rankings are as follows (Note: these aren’t their official names):

1.      Ryan Gosling from Drive Gang; sporting a bright yellow satin bomber jacket and their logo embroiled on their backs (“Electric Eliminators”).

2.      The Warriors Gang; I know they are the titular gang, but the leather vests and the solid font choice for their logo in the back elevates them to the top spots. I like quality in my colors.

3.       Papi Chulo Gang; they had no shirts on and a straw fedora… what else do you want?

4.      Hugh Heffner Gang; sporting the robes in all different sizes and color, comfort is always important to me.

5.      Trying too hard Gang; they have purple vests, purple ties, dress pants, dress shoes and to top it all off a purple fedora. It seems like a lot of work, but if you can afford it, rock it.

6.      Lazy but Fancy Mime Gang; they wore a high-top hat and had their faces painted white just like a mime… but they never finished putting on the mime face. Yeah.

7.      Normal Clothes Gang; after that there is a lot more, but you get a mixture of tank tops, wife- beaters and t-shirts of the same colors. Honestly nothing that would warrant a serious consideration into joining their gangs.

The hunting of The Warriors montage; rankings as follows:

1.      Hawaiian Shirts Gang; I mean, it’s a classic look and it breathes in the heat.

2.      Kiss Baseball Team Gang; they had a great weapon of choice (bats), classic baseball uniforms and they let you paint your face however you choose, too.

3.      Bald Head Gang; to be honest at first I thought they were a Neo Nazi group, but they have more than a few African American Members, so sorry for my assumption. It’s a great gang to be part of if you are suffering from baldness.

4.      Adidas Army Gang; all sporting Adidas and an Army jacket, nothing to add.

5.      Rinse and repeat #7 from the first list up top.

Link to the full gangs here: http://warriorsmovie.co.uk/gangs

While it was fun to watch this movie, it did destroy one of my wrestling heroes. I have always been a fan of Booker T and his “Can you dig it” catchphrase, but he ripped it off this guy:

The Warriors is a good movie, with an iconic line (video below) and an incredibly huge cult following. Reading up on the production nightmare it was to complete this film and how they had to bribe gangs is why I love movies.

The Warriors is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. Come out and play.

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