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The LEGO Batman Movie - 2017

The LEGO Batman Movie - 2017

The LEGO Batman Movie builds (I know) on the great formula its predecessor, The LEGO Movie, back in 2014. Will Arnett returns to voice Batman once again, bringing the same great sarcastic comedic tone from the original LEGO, now paired up with the lovable Robin, voiced by Michael Cera. 

In a world where intro narrations are overplayed and cliche, Batman brings a fresh breath of air to this played out trope, making it funny and entertaining. I have seen a thousand reviews in my life time, in where they say "I laughed from beginning to end", but my God this is the movie that deserves me saying that within my review. The Warner Animation Group has really found a unique style and tone unlike any other animation movie out there. 

LEGO Batman paid great tribute to all of the Batman incarnations of the past, by both making fun of them and respecting their rich place in pop culture. They where able to utilize the entire rogues galley, bringing to the big screen many fan favorite and obscure characters that otherwise would have never seen the silver screen. My favorite being the Condiment King spreading his own brand (I know) of crime all over the movie. 

If we are going to talk about the villains, we have to talk about the Joker, being voiced by Zach Galifianakis. This being the fifth incarnation (sadly due to last year Suicide Squad) of the Joker we have seen and by far one of the most unique versions in recent memory. Galifianakis's brings a vulnerable side to the Joker never been seen before and it's one the funniest aspects of this movie (showcased in many of the trailers).

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Just like The LEGO Movie back in 2014, Warner Animation Group put to good use their LEGO toy rights, from the multiple cinematic franchises, including Harry Potter, King Kong, Lord of the Rings, Wizard of Oz and to my complete enjoyment Doctor Who. This LEGO franchise is the equivalent of me playing with my friends with all my toys. Saying ok, now the Joker and ***SPOILER STOP NOW*** (alright I gave a fair warning just in case) Voldemort team up to take down Batman. It is beyond entertaining and my inner child couldn't contain the pure joy I felt seeing everything up in the big screen. 

The LEGO Batman has incredible action set pieces (I know), that move the plot forward and keeps the audience engage  throughout its entirety. The movie really benefits from crisp and beautiful graphics, along with what now can be called, the trademark LEGO look. Along with great visuals, LEGO Batman has the funniest original music since South Park Bigger Longer and uncut, having two funny and clever songs that tie in perfectly with the movie. Along with its original score, they where able to use great pop music to plug in comedic elements when needed. 

While being funny and action packed, LEGO Batman delivers a great family message that applies to all ages. Beautiful look at the fear of being alone, and accepting the need to have family and friends around to help you get out of the dark times. This movie exceeded everything expectation I had coming in and is one of my favorite Batman incarnations ever.

This movie takes something that is becoming somewhat stale (comic book movies) and brings a completely fresh take to it, giving it heart and humor like no other movie before it. I left the movie theater completely happy and filled with joy and that's why I love movies.

The LEGO Batman Movie is currently playing in theaters, I highly recommend it to all.

Jaws: The Revenge - 1987

Jaws: The Revenge - 1987

Big Trouble in Little China - 1986

Big Trouble in Little China - 1986