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Jaws: The Revenge - 1987

Jaws: The Revenge - 1987

The fourth installment in the Jaws franchise, brings a degree of realism that was severely missing in the previous movies. Here we have the Brody family being stalked by a shark, that wants  revenge for, you know... all the other sharks they killed in the past and like the tag line says "This time it's personal". This movie has an incredible cast, that will remain unnamed to protect their identities, specially the very very very famous actor, that I can't imagine how much gambling debt or how many family members where kidnapped in order for him to do this movie. Alright, fine, I'll give you a hint, his name rhymes with Micheal Caine, now figure it out on your own. 

Back to the movie, we open the movie up with a POV shot of the shark swimming in the water and demonstrating his ability to swim above the water too... We later meet up with the Brody family and we learn that Brody, from Jaws I/II has died (or killed himself after reading the script, I couldn't confirm or deny this claim) and that his youngest son, Sean, took up the sheriff badge. During a routine buoy fixing boat ride, one that he most have done multiple times, Sean meets his demise at the JAWS (get it) of the shark. Step one in the shark's revenge plan is complete.

After the funeral, we learn that Brody's widow has a psychic connection with the shark and she knows what he is up too, yeah that's a thing don't think about it too much. So her oldest son comes home from the Bahamas, where he works as a marine biologist (because when your family is constantly attacked by sharks, that's the only job you can go for) and his mother begs him to quit his job. She doesn't want her family anywhere near the water anymore. Later she decides to go on a vacation to clear her mind from this tragedy. So where does she go? How about Ohio, you know a place without any oceanic bodies around, nope she goes to the Bahamas... you know islands, they don't have that much water around, right? 

Now here comes the realism the writers plugged into the life-stream of this franchise. The shark, sensing that the Brody family moved to the Bahamas, packs his bags and goes after them... Wait, let me Google something real quick:

Yep everything checks out, it's only eleven hundred miles.

 So we finally get a shot of the shark, and I couldn't find anything online to support my claims, but I honestly think they used real sharks to shoot this movie. The realism of the shark is something no animatronic or puppet can ever achieve. I mean take a look for yourself and you let me know:

After the original Jaws ruined the water for all beach lovers back in 1975, this movie ruined the banana boat ride, for all banana boat ride lovers in 1987, thanks to the scene below:

After all the deaths in the water, Miss Brody decides that the only way to stop this shark is to get on a boat and sail as far away as she can. As she looks out to the water (because she knows it's there, you know because she has a psychic connection) and she tells him "Come and get me you son of a bitch".... OH YEAH! that's right she has had enough of this sharks attacking her family.

So before we talk about the ending, I think it's only fair I mentioned something that's implied in the movie but not talked about at all during the movie and this is that the shark clearly trained with dolphins. He jumps out of the water effortlessly and can ride on his back tail like a Sea World dolphin main act, like we see in the final sequence. I mean he clearly put effort, time and probably money (training in Sea World can't be cheap) in his revenge plan.

So here we are and to be honest, there is nothing I can write here that can describe the epic final showdown between the Brody family and the shark, so all I can do is show you:

Thank to this movie I learned so much about sharks. They hold grudges on people that kill other sharks, they can track and follow humans on planes for over thousands of miles, they roar like lions when electrocuted and the apparently explode if they are pierced by a boat... and that's why I love movies.

Jaws: The Revenge... This time is personal, is currently playing on Netflix, catch it before it swims away. 

Ok... it was Micheal Caine...



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