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Superbad - 2007

Superbad - 2007

Superbad safely lands within the top ten high school comedies of all time. As we follow Seth and Evan, two socially awkward teenagers and their last chance of going to a high school party. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg wrote this script during their teen years and is loosely based on their high school years in Vancouver and they really capture the teen anxiety many of us feel during those years.

Jonah Hill plays Seth, in what can easily be as one of his best and funniest performances. Hill is able to deliver joke after joke, in what can only be describe as an avalanche of words, not letting the audience relax or embrace the first joke, because he is already telling the second joke. This style helps the movies's rewatchability, since the second or third time around you watch it, you are laughing at jokes you didn't catch the first time. The home ed scene in where he insults and apologizes (simultaneously) to the teacher, is by far one of the funniest scenes of the movie, and it's 100% carried by Hill. 

Hill's brash performance is balanced out by the trademark awkward, lovable style of Micheal Cera, as he plays his best friend Evan. While we have seen this performance before from Cera in Arrested Development and Juno, this one easily stands out in his resume, since he has to keep up with Hill's fast paced performance. Since I pointed out a solo scene from Hill, I think it's only fair I point out one from Cera, and that has to be him singing "These Eyes" at the party is beyond funny and awkward.

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Seth and Evan are on a mission to get alcohol for the only party they have been invited to in their high school careers. They recruit their friend, Fogell (played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse), as he is the only one in the group with a fake ID and just like that McLovin is born. McLovin is one of does rare pop culture characters that can be recognize by only one name like Prince, Madonna or Beyonce.

Along with the great duo of Hill and Cera, Superbad benefits from another great duo in Rogen and Hader as they play two, arguably corrupt, cops that take McLovin under their wing. Rogen and Hader play off each other, in what feels like improvised dialogue, as they try to teach McLovin how to get the most out of life.


This movie is not only funny, it also has a huge heart and a great friendship message between the two main characters. You actually believe in the friendship of Hill and Cera, to the point that you root for them to fix their friendship in the later part of the movie. They both are able to play real vulnerability, they are unsure if their friendship will survive in the future, due to them being accepted to different colleges. One of my favorite scenes of this nature, is their drunk conversation below:

I have watched this movie countless time, and I always find myself engaged by the story and laughing at all the characters within the movie. The end credits is the cherry on the sundae of this great movie, as we get to see all the different penises young Seth drew before getting caught by the teacher. All I can do is imagine somebody in the props and arts department having to sit down and draw out all of this movie references in penis form. Knowing that this is someones job, that they pay bills with is why I love movies. 

Superbad is playing on Netflix. 

They Live - 1988

They Live - 1988

Goldfinger - 1964

Goldfinger - 1964