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Pitch Perfect 3- 2017

Pitch Perfect 3- 2017

Director(s): Trish Sie

Writer(s): Kay Cannon and Mike White (screenplay) / Mickey Rapkin (book)

Cinematography by: Matthew Clark

Editor(s): Craig Alpert and Colin Patton

Cast: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow. Elizabeth Banks, Hailee Steinfeld and John Lithgow

Synopsis: The Bellas reunited to perform both for the USO tour and for DJ Khaled. But mainly DJ Khaled.


DJ Khaled. The first Pitch Perfect installment was very entertaining with somewhat untapped material. Excluding the slightly annoying acapella wave that took over for a little bit, the movie was a perfectly fine comedy with some genuinely entertaining performances. The second installment didn’t capture the magic the original had, but I wasn’t bored and didn’t regret paying my “hard” earned money to watch it. I thought to myself, well there isn’t a possible way or reason to make another one of these things, but the world loves to prove me wrong. It’s ironic that many of the Bellas are constantly mentioning how wonderful and fulfilling their past was, because everyone involved in this project seems to be clinging for dear life with the past glory of this franchise. DJ Khaled.


DJ Khaled. I’m sorry I usually try to write at least one point or aspect of the movie that I loved. I mean my site is called “Why I love movies” but I’m perplexed as to what to say here. I guess the reason I love movies is that not all of them are Pitch Perfect 3. DJ Khaled.

DJ Khaled. The writers of this movie must have watched the previous two installments and every time they laughed or found a situation amusing, they wrote it down as a must in their script.  I felt I was watching a cover band playing the greatest hits of a band almost forgotten by its own fans. The sad thing about that sentence is that the cover band is comprised of the original members of the band they are covering. The main cast returns as Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and the rest of the Bellas play the same characters they played in the first installment. I don’t mean they play the same characters, I mean they play the same story beats and the same character arcs we already saw before. Kendrick is once again dissatisfied with her work-life, she once again captures the eye of a fellow talented producer and she once again remixes the hell out of song that lands her another job in the industry. Wilson once again makes fat joke after fat joke, this time around just producing a cringe reaction rather than laughter. DJ Khaled. 

DJ Khaled. Quick note: This movie somehow, someway, and for some reason, managed to turn Jon Lithgow - aka one of America’s more charming and funny actors - boring and unfunny. That’s a crime that I will not forgive nor forget. DJ Khaled.

DJ Khaled. So, a huge part of this movie is the “competition” that the USO tour is having among their performers. Their performers being a folk band, a rock band, a hip-hop duo and the Bellas. The winner of this competition will get the prestigious and life-altering event of opening for DJ Khaled. Don’t worry if you fear that you will forget this crucial plot point as the film doesn’t wait a single line of dialogue to say his name and to remind you that they are competing for that opening spot. Also, we have the pleasure of witnessing DJ Khaled acting, and, yeah. DJ Khaled.


DJ Khaled. Quick Note: this movie could also be called “Facial Expressions: The Movie” as 99% of the shots are of people’s facial expressions of the event taking place in the scene. Mostly of poor man’s Adam Scott reacting to Kendrick’s singing and incredible remixing abilities. DJ Khaled.

DJ Khaled. Pitch Perfect 3 is as played out as the pop songs the Bellas plagiarized to showcase their singing talents in front of people just looking for an escape from the realities of war. With nothing new or of worth to offer to their audience, fans of this franchise are best served by re-watching the first two installments and completely skipping this empty and forgettable encore. DJ Khaled.

Pitch Perfect 3 is currently playing in theaters. DJ Khaled.

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