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Jigsaw - 2017

Jigsaw - 2017

Director(s): Michael and Peter Spierig (The Spierig Brothers)

Writer(s): Peter Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg

Cinematography by: Ben Nott

Editor(s): Kevin Greutert

Cast: Tobin Bell, Matt Passmore, Callum Keith Rennie and Hannah Emily Anderson  

Synopsis:  Ten years after the death of John Kramer aka The Jigsaw killer, a game has started and the police are working against the clock to find where its being played and who is behind it.


I will show my cards before going to deep in this review: I enjoyed, to some extent, Saw 1 through 3, even going as far as buying them on Blu-Ray (all three for $10.00, solid deal). I stopped caring for them from the 4th to the 7th, finding them overly complex, boring and redundant. Fair to say I wasn’t exited for this new instalment in a series that had closed its doors seven years ago. But I am pleasantly surprised to say that I was completely… correct in suspecting this movie would be as horribly unnecessary as the last four sequels. 


When doing research on who were the minds behind this movie, I was shocked that The Spierig Brothers were the directors. Their last movie was 2014’s Predestination, one of the few movies I have seen in recent memory (along with The Skin I Live In) that have left a lasting impression in my mind, and I was really looking forward to their next project. Little did I know it would be a movie that left a lasting impression of how bad it was. But they aren’t completely at fault since this time around they didn’t serve as the writers. The writers for Piranha 3D, Piranha 3DD and Sorority Row are responsible for this script that falls apart the second you try to apply a hint of logic over the events that they try to pass off as clever or creative.

These writers expect us to believe that a person can do everything that is presented to us. A person can run the game and adjust the scenarios based on who survives and who doesn’t while sending clues and bodies to the police, all the while never getting caught. Oh, and keep doing their job in the real world so as not to be suspected. Fine, let’s say this person has ungodly abilities to be in many places at once, the games’ scenarios don’t make sense at all. They are playing with the laws of probability. I found myself asking “what would happen if that character didn’t do that?” more than I should’ve. There is one huge contraption that is designed for one character, but what would’ve happened if he didn’t make it to that point, would he just not have used that contraption? He would’ve reworked it to fit another character’s… sins?


Quick note: the coroner’s office employees and the laboratory working in the police department puts to shame any NCIS crew over the years. They are so fast and efficient, it’s ridiculous.

So, lets shift to the acting. Do not come into this movie with a headache. But even if you don’t come in with one, I guarantee you will walk away with one. Every single character screams 90% of their lines. It’s just constant non-stop screaming. It also doesn’t help when the writers are clearly trying to interweave possible “bad guys” among the characters, making their performances seem cartoonish and out of place.


Jigsaw is just another piece of a puzzle that is turning out to be a picture of a redundant, irrelevant horror franchise, that could’ve ended up being a decent trilogy. I couldn’t find anything redeeming in this installment outside of Tobin Bell’s sweet, sweet, pencil-thin facial hair. It’s been a rough couple of weeks, but I swear I still love movies.

Jigsaw is currently playing in theaters. Don’t play their game, the jig is up. Get it?

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