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Next - 2007

Next - 2007

A Las Vegas magician who can see into the future is pursued by FBI agents seeking to use his abilities to prevent a nuclear terrorist attack. So i pasted that synopsis from IMDb.com, but they forgot to add something very important to this plot... he can only see 2 minutes into HIS future, alright people buckle up we are going on a ride. 

Nicolas Cage plays Nicolas Cage, a Las Vegas magician that, like I said above, can see into his 2 minute future. The very first sentence Cage utters, as he enters his Las Vegas magic stage, "Here is to world peace", as two white doves come out of his cheap tux. Yes this sets the stage (get it) for the rest of the movie. We have almost all the Cage-ism we have become accustom to when it comes to a Nicolas Cage movie, we have the smoking, the drinking, the slow monotone delivered lines and off course the hair. In fact the only thing missing from this movie is a classic Cage freak-out.

We get some back story through voice over and we learned that he likes to gamble in small amounts, to not call attention to himself. The casino security is on to him and he knows they are because.... he can see into his 2 minute future. They foolishly try to capture him but, Cage seeing into his 2 minute future, can hide from them using crazy maneuvers like, bending down to pick up something, hiding behind a slot machine and changing his shirt in the bathroom. This skills are clearly presented to us, the audience, so we can understand why the FBI needs him to stop a nuclear attack. 

We meet Julianne Moore, playing an FBI agent that for some reason (never explained) knows that Cage can see into the future and is the he is the only way to stop the white European 1980's terrorist group, from detonating a nuclear bomb. There is no other way, no classic investigation skills, no satellite technology and not even a talking dog can save us from a nuclear bomb, only Cage. Oh I forgot to say, the terrorist for some reason also know about Cage and want to kill him before he can stop them.... I am adding this as a throw away sentence, since the writers didn't even try to write a reason as to why they also have this knowledge or the desire to kill him.

We finally meet Jessica Biel's character, who will be Cage's love interest. We get a cheap version of Groundhog Day, in where Cage tries multiple times, and fails, to hit on Biel. The one that I don't understand how it didn't work was "The coffee here, do you know the bean they use", I mean it would've worked on me, but to each its own. He finally gets punched out by her ex and earns the ultimate affection of a woman, the pity attention.

I'll skip ahead to one of my favorite scenes, one that its important to young boys out there trying to make a girl fall in love with them and the answer is MAGIC. Please enjoy below:

Now with the FBI closing in on him and the terrorist camping outside of the cabin, Cage sets in motion his plan to escape. This leads us to one of the best action set pieces in Hollywood history and something The Matrix wishes they had done in the dogging of bullets department. Please enjoy below:

So now the FBI finally have their man. Our hero is where he belongs the day will be saved, but the terrorist had an ace up their sleeves, they kidnapped Biel and will user her to distract the courageous Las Vegas magician from stopping their nuclear plans. Cage working side by side with the FBI agents, where he tells one of them "Stay quite, I will save your life" (I got chills writing that sentence) as he guides them through a raid telling them exactly where to shoot and when to shoot. The FBI utilized a formation pulled from Madden 2000 to protect Cage from any terrorist that made come his way. It looked something like this:

                                                            FBI Agent
                                       FBI Agent                        FBI Agent

                            FBI Agent             Nicolas Cage               FBI Agent

So this movie knew, that the only thing missing from this masterpiece was... more Cage so they decided the only was to fix this grossly overlooked error was with this scene:

Ok, now we now come to the end, after 80 plus minutes of none stop action and tight writing we find out that Cage made a mistake, he missed something. Julianne Moore asks him when is the bomb going to blow up and Cage says now... the bomb goes off, we see everyone die and the screen fades to black. Yeah I know, the cojones on the writer to just end the movie with the death of millions and millions of people. But Cage, he can't allow this, not on his watch, Cage opens his eyes and we realize all that has happened since the rose scene has been in Cage's head. YES! what a twist he saw days into the future, and while he was seeing into this future he saw himself seeing into the future too... so yeah and now he knows everything. Cage leaves Biel as he knows now that he has to work with the FBI to stop this nuclear bomb. The only bad thing about this movie is that they don't give us 80 more minutes after this reveal.

I laughed and had an incredible time, and this is why I love movies.

Oh side note while researching this movie... I stumbled upon this site and I thought I should share it:


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